Fashion Show Comes to the Hall

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Fashion Show Logo 2017

The highly popular Colours [Fun]draising Fashion Show will be here on Friday 24th March, 7pm - 11pm with a fantastic catwalk show and "pop-up" shop. 

And, of course the bar will be gather your band of girls together and get in touch with Nicky on or 07902 112877 ....then prepare for an evening of fun, laughter and amazing purchases!

What Colours say about their shows:

"All our styles come from leading high street fashion brands. We buy weekly to keep up with relevant fashion trends! At Colours we buy overproduction and cancelled orders in bulk so we can pass the saving on to you. Our ranges offer fantastic value for money for your guests.


Our shows consist of the most relevant seasonal styles. We stock timeless wardrobe essentials - the seasonal pieces in quality fabrics that every woman wants to own. We cater to the seasons - our winter buy features lots of knits and outerwear, and for summer we include lots of lovely summer dresses and holiday pieces. We also offer a range of matching shoes and accessories to complement the clothes.

We cater to all shapes and sizes! We stock styles from sizes 6 - 22, ensuring that there is something for everyone! We bring over 100 individual styles to your show ranging from clothes to accessories to shoes. Below are a few of the brands we most often stock, subject to availability."


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Brands stocked:

Fashion Show Brands